Workplace Safety Emergency Preparation & Checklist

A workplace emergency, as defined by OSHA, is an unforeseen situation that threatens your employees, customers, or the public; disrupts or shuts down your operation, or causes physical or environmental damage. Today, one of the most prevalent workplace emergencies is violence, including active shooters and intruders. If you, like so many others, feel violence won’t happen where you work, or you think you’re prepared for any emergency but you’re not sure, take a look at the statistics below and then implement the four easy steps listed for greater employee safety.

Prepare for Workplace Violence & Active Killers

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates two million people annually report being direct victims of workplace violence, and according to OSHA, another 25 percent of incidents go unreported. In 2017 (the most recent year of statistics), the number of workplace homicides was 458 – intentional shootings were 76% of those homicides. So, how do you protect yourself, your employees, and your business from violence and active killers, and if it should happen, ensure help arrives as soon as possible? First, prepare and practice a comprehensive emergency and active shooter safety response plan with your internal team, local law enforcement, and EMTs. Next, implement a Guard911 mobile safety app within your organization. Not only does our active shooter and emergency mobile panic button alert law enforcement immediately, it communicates with other employees, and acts as an active-shooter deterrent. Those with intent to harm typically plan an attack for some time and will know if a property is protected by Guard911 technology.
The Guard911 active shooter and emergency mobile app alarm instantly mass-communicates with employees and 911 simultaneously. Just a tap of the icon on a smartphone screen and staff is alerted to get to safety while our Hero911 network of first responders is on their way.

4 Steps to Emergency Preparation

To be properly prepared for any emergency, especially active shooter and intruder situations, follow these four steps.
  1. Have a written and accessible emergency response plan and active shooter plan available to all.
  2. Practice your emergency response/active intruder plan
  3. Implement the Guard911 active shooter and emergency alarm app.
  4. Use the following workplace safety emergency checklist to have everything you need to save lives readily available.
Officer Ronnie Odom of C Spire recommends every size company and organization adopt a safety and security program, beyond just a guard at the door or keycards for access. He says, “Many acts of violence within the workplace are an act of a coworker, someone with access to the building, or a person known by an employee, so a guard and/or keycard are not enough. A written and practiced emergency event plan and the ability to communicate to everyone in the workplace, even in areas hidden from view, is essential.”

Workplace Emergency & Active Shooter/Intruder Checklist

Emergency and active shooter prevention and preparation are critical to employee and customer safety and confidence. Though many emergencies can’t be avoided, your company can mitigate the damage and help those in need with a practiced emergency and active shooter plan, an active shooter and emergency app, and conveniently located, well-stocked emergency kits. Therefore, ensure everything listed below is easily accessible by employees and emergency responders, and download the checklist for a handy printed version that can be posted and referenced as needed.
  • ☐ Guard911 mobile safety alert app
  • ☐ Emergency evacuation plans
  • ☐ Active shooter/intruder response plans
  • ☐ AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • ☐ First aid kits with contents that have not expired
In addition to first aid medical kits that mount on the wall, comprehensive workplace emergency kits with the following items can be stored in totes around the premises based on the building’s square footage, layout, and occupancy.
  • ☐ Gunshot-wound type bandages
  • ☐ Tourniquets
  • ☐ Blood clot material
  • ☐ Feminine pads (if gunshot-wound bandages are unavailable)
  • ☐ Medical gloves
  • ☐ Dust masks/medical-grade masks
  • ☐ Sanitary wipes
  • ☐ Hand sanitizer
  • ☐ Whistle lanyards (may help find people among the chaos)
Items that may also be needed, but are most likely on the premises already:
  • ☐ Emergency blankets (foil/disposable)
  • ☐ Drinking water
  • ☐ Food
  • ☐ Pry bar
  • ☐ Cord (bungee and/or rope)

Download and print the checklist here: Guard911 Workplace Safety Checklist

When Second Save Lives in Workplace Emergencies

The Guard911 and Hero911 teams hope this information and checklist add value to your workplace safety and emergency planning. Workplace violence is real; we must be prepared for the worst. And though we can’t stop killers, we can save innocent lives with prevention, preparation, and the ability to speed up law enforcement notification time and response time. Guard911, SchoolGuard, and CampusGaurd911 mobile safety apps help you with planning, prevention, and saving lives. If you have any questions about preparing an active shooter training exercise or you’re interested in learning more about our affordable, easy-to-use panic button alarm app, contact our helpful team today. (618) 973-9174
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