The Guard911 Family of Services Pricing

Most schools, churches, other nonprofits, and businesses who are introduced to the suite of Guard911 services are excited to finally see a cost-effective price point for a proven effective, life-saving technology that helps safeguard children and adults from active shooter violence, while at the same time providing a panic button for other types of emergencies, such as medical mishaps, bomb threats, and missing children.  Since the Guard911® team believes ALL lives matter, we charge one uncomplicated and reasonable price per property, no matter which of our family of services you choose. There is simply no way to put more importance on one service over another, one life over another. We also believe in full transparency; therefore, you can see here what goes into our pricing and how simple it really is to protect your property.

1 Setup Fee, 1 Price for All Services

For each technology – SchoolGuard®, CampusGuard911, or Guard911® – there is no tiered pricing structure, just one basic fee for the setup/activation of each protected property, then a cost-effective monthly service fee which includes unlimited approved users. That means whether 20 or 200 staff/users have the mobile app, it’s the same price per month.  One-time setup fee. The one-time-only setup/activation cost of $1,000 or less per property (discounted with multiple property setups), is the cost to create each property’s custom geofence by taking the latitude/longitude of the perimeter and creating the web-interface for each property. This geofence is critical to the app doing its job – our technicians are some of the best in the industry and will ensure your property is protected to the full extent. Monthly service fee. The monthly service fee for K-12 and nonprofit organizations is $99/month which includes unlimited, approved app users. This fee is discounted to $79/month under a three-year contract agreement to save nonprofits and school districts additional monies. With the average school’s population of approximately 600, this price equates to less than $.025/person/day to maintain the service, making it the most cost-effective service available to help safeguard schools and other nonprofit communities.   For private sectors, colleges, and universities, the monthly service fee is slightly higher at $199/month simply due to multiple buildings being located within more custom geofenced areas. Once we look at the property seeking implementation, the monthly cost could be reduced if, after evaluation, the property needs minimal geofences. No renewal costs. There are no renewal costs once activated and free upgrades of the app service are performed on a quarterly or biannual basis for Guard911 to continue to enhance the service, making it the best option for any property to safeguard their community.     

According to the FBI, there were 277 active shooter Incidents between 2000-2018, 1012 killed, 1516 wounded. There is no “number” to represent the life-long emotional trauma and the number of lives forever changed. Guard911 can change these awful statistics by immediately alerting nearby law enforcement when these senseless acts of violence occur.


An Additional Priceless Benefit No Other Security App Offers

The Guard911 family of services also has something no other security app has – an established network of 60,000+ federal, state, and local law enforcement officers nationwide who have joined the free law- enforcement-exclusive Hero911® network. Every time a SchoolGuard®, CampusGuard911, or Guard911® armed intruder panic button is used, all officers who maintain the Hero911 app and are in close proximity to the protected property are notified immediately. This means quicker notification time that will allow for quicker response time in order to save lives and treat the injured. Hero911 is the ONLY federally approved app of its kind and it is supported by numerous police associations nationwide.   

 “Utilizing Guard911 for our rural community hospital has not only offered peace of mind but has also been an instrumental part of our active shooter preparations by reducing the response times of our law enforcement agencies. ‘When Seconds Save Lives’ for our local law enforcement means we’ll be there in under two minutes.” — Brady Ring, EMS Director, Melissa Memorial Hospital in Holyoke, Colorado


It’s Easy to Get Started with Guard911

Guard911 apps don’t require any special training or equipment. The 911 icon is front and center on staffs’ smartphone screens for immediate communication with 911 dispatchers, everyone who needs to know within schools and/or business, other protected properties within a 5-mile radius, and the closest law enforcement officers through Hero911.  Workplace violence and school violence are escalating – it’s time to shorten tactical, notification, and response times and arm your property with this life-saving solution – Guard911. Our helpful customer service team is here to help with general inquiries and sales information, contact us today,, 618-973-9174.
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