NSAMS – Nationwide Situational Awareness Messaging System

05/26/21 Report of multiple fatalities San Jose, CA.

Report of multiple fatalities San Jose, CA - train commuter yard. Shooter down.


05/01/21 Multiple shot at Green Bay WI Casino.

Reports of multiple shooting victims at Green Bay WI casino. Shooter reported in custody.


04/20/21 Three shot at suburban NY grocery store. Shooter fled.

Three people were shot, including one person who is believed to have died, and a gunman, who opened fire at a suburban New York grocery store, is on the loose Tuesday morning, according to local reports.


04/12/21 Multiple shot at Knoxville, TN High School

Multiple shot at Knoxville, TN High School including LEO. Stay clear of area & refer to Hero911 FB.


03/22/21 Boulder CO shooter in custody

Shooter in custody. Possible multiple casualties at Boulder CO King Sooper.


02/09/21 Buffalo MN, Clinic Shooting

Multiple victims in clinic shooting in Buffalo MN. Explosives found on the scene. Multiple injuries and suspect in custody.


01/06/21 Protestors Overrun Capitol in DC

Protesters overun Capitol in DC. Area LEOs requested to contact respective agency regarding assistance.


11/20/20 Wauwatosa Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Multiple people injured in Mayfair mall Wauwatosa Wisconsin.


06/26/20 Bunn-O-Matic warehouse shooting in Springfield, IL

Workplace shooting at Bunn-O-Matic warehouse in Springfield, IL reported to have deaths with suspect at large.


02/26/20 Shooter kills 6 and himself at Milwaukee Coors Plant

Shooter kills 6 and himself at Milwaukee Coors Plant. Refer to media.


12/10/19 Active shooting Jersey City, NJ

Reports of active shooting with officers hit in Jersey City, NJ. Local schools on lockdown. Shooter holed up in business.


12/06/19 Naval Air Station shooting - Pensacola, FL

Report of shooting with numerous injured at Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL.


11/14/19 Saugus HS shooting - Santa Clarita, CA

Report of at least 7 victims from shooting at Santa Clarita, CA HS with gunman reported to be still at large.


08/31/19 Mass shooting in Midland, TX

Shooting in Midland, TX injures at least 20 with one suspect still large.


08/31/19 Update-to active shooter, in Odessa, TX Theater shooting

Five reported killed, plus shooter, in Odessa, Texas Theater mass shooting.