How One School Used Teacher Assist™ & Principal Push™ Features of SchoolGuard

When it comes to school safety, there is nothing faster or easier than the SchoolGuard® app to send a help signal instantly, in any type of emergency – school violence, medical situations, lost children, or any other potentially dangerous circumstance. Guard911’s SchoolGuard app offers effective, simple, and immediate two-way communication between every classroom and student assembly area in every building, all at once. With the touch of a smartphone screen, the Teacher Assist and Principal Push features give staff, campus monitors, and faculty a point of instant communication that isn’t over the loudspeaker. 
  • Teacher Assist™ for intraschool, non-life-threatening communications.
  • Principal Push™ gives principals and select staff the ability to send a group message or warning to all SchoolGuard users.
  • Staff Assist™ (Guard911®, CampusGuard911™) for intraoffice, non-life-threatening communications.
Guard911 is known for its SchoolGuard and CampusGuard911 apps that reduce tactical, notification, and response times during active shooter incidents – they also provide instant one-to-many points of contact for all emergency situations.

How One High School Has Used SchoolGuard for Emergencies

Just over two years ago, a high school in Georgia implemented SchoolGuard. This high school comprises 130 staff and 1400 students, and the campus is very large, so you can imagine the difficulty of communicating fast and effectively in emergency situations. We are happy to report, SchoolGuard has already helped this high school ease emergency medical situations. Guard911 spoke with Principal Dr. Karen Hancock, who has 23 years in education and four years as principal, to learn how her school has used SchoolGuard to greatly reduce emergency notification and response times, and any advice she can give to other schools thinking of using it. 

Guard911: What experiences have you had using SchoolGuard? 

Dr. Hancock:

The first “real” time we used SchoolGuard was during a medical emergency in a teacher’s classroom. She used the app and immediately alerted school personnel to send medical help to her room. It was at this point we realized how much faster and easier this process was over our old procedures. In the past, the teacher would have called the front office or sent students for help. The front office would have radioed for the nurse, administration, and the resource officer to report to the correct location. This created additional time spent gathering necessary personnel. However, on the day we used the app, we had the student triaged in the amount of time it would’ve originally taken just to get appropriate staff in place.  A month later, we had another medical emergency in the gym. We used the Teacher Assist feature to call for a wheelchair and nurse, and then to tell everyone via the app that the student was okay, and that the situation was under control. After the first instance, we learned that putting the location of the emergency in the message was important for even more accuracy.

Guard911: What would you say to other schools about SchoolGuard?

Dr. Hancock:

Our first concern is always centered on the safety of our staff and students. For staff to have immediate access to other adults during a crisis or situation is very important, and SchoolGuard offers that. It is valuable for our peace of mind, but more importantly, we understand the threat of school shootings is real, and we’ve witnessed in other emergencies how critical immediate action can be. For us, having SchoolGuard during those medical emergencies made it so not only were the sick and injured able to be helped faster, but it has also eliminated incorrect information that often evolves as it is relayed through multiple individuals.

“SchoolGuard is very applicable to the reality of our world and works well for faster emergency notification and response.”

SchoolGuard & CampusGuard911 – More Than Just a 911 Button

SchoolGuard and CampusGuard911 panic button apps speed-dial 911 when needed, allow 2-way communication with multiple people, and provide situational awareness of the emergency or armed intruder. These apps don’t require any special training or equipment and the 911 icon is front and center on staffs’ smartphone screens. This panic button technology also offers immediate communication to other schools that have the app within a 5-mile radius and sends an instant notification to the closest on or off duty law enforcement officers through our Hero911® network. In fact, no other school security solution has over 60,000 nationwide officers on call who can be where they’re needed so quickly. 

Get Guard911 Panic Alarm Technology Today

Schools, school boards, parents, and communities – it’s time to embrace mobile app solutions to keep your students and faculty safe. SchoolGuard and CampusGuard911 apps are extremely simple, affordable, and effective. They are the fastest and easiest way to reduce notification and response times in any emergency, especially when you need it the most – during an active killer situation. In fact, Alyssa’s Law, which was just passed in Florida, mandates the installation of silent panic alarms like SchoolGuard that are directly linked to law enforcement, so in any emergency, law enforcement will be notified faster and be on the scene as quickly as possible, take down the threat, and triage any victims. Take back control of your campuses and send kids home to their families safely and with peace of mind. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation. 618-973-9174;
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