NSAMS – Nationwide Situational Awareness Messaging System

05/31/19 Update-shooting in VA Beach Municipal Center leaves 11 dead, multiple injured

Update -now reports 11 people killed, at least 6 injured in Virginia Beach Municipal Building active shooting. Suspect in custody.


05/20/19 BOLO...manhunt underway for 29 y/r Grady Wilkes for killing a LEO in AL and injuring others.

BOLO...manhunt underway for 29y/r Grady Wilkes after killing LEO in Auburn, AL and injuring others. Wilkes last seen wearing camouflage, body armor and a helmet.


05/07/19 Shooting at STEM School Highland Ranch, CO

FYI-report of shooting and unstable situation at STEM School, Highland Ranch, CO.


04/30/19 Report of 3 shot at University of NC-Charlotte. Suspect in custody.

Three shot on University of NC-Charlotte Campus. Suspect in custody. Victim's status unknown.


04/28/19 FYI shooting outside Baltimore Baptist Church, suspect status unknown

Report of one dead, seven injured in shooting outside Baltimore Baptist Church. Status of suspect unknown.


03/07/19 Officer shot in Rockford, IL suspect IDed

BOLO Floyd Brown, M/B, age 45 Blue/Silver Gran Marquis, IL BF13112 or Temp 4850246


02/15/19 Multiple injuries in active shooting Henry Pratt, Aurora, IL

Report of multiple injuries, including a Police Officer, in active shooting at Henry Pratt facility in Aurora, IL. Suspect still at large.


11/19/18 Active Shooting at Chicago Hospital

Active shooting at Chicago Hospital leaves multiple victims, including Chicago Police Officer. Shooter reported injured as well.


10/27/18 Multiple fatalities in Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting

Reports of multiple fatalities in active shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue.


10/22/18 Manhunt underway for suspected GA cop-killer.

Manhunt on-going for suspected GA cop-killer, Tafahree Maynard (18y/o).


10/03/18 5 Officers shot in Florence, SC

Reports of 5 Officers shot in Florence, SC. Shooter reported in custody.


09/20/18 Mass shooting in Hartford County, MD

Multiple people reported shot in shooting at warehouse in Hartford County, MD. Scene still active.


09/06/18 Cincinnati, OH bank shooting

Active shooting at Cincinnati, OH bank under control. 3 killed and gunman.


08/26/18 Jacksonville Landing, FL shooting

Mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing in FL leaves casualties and several injured.


07/18/18 Suspect ID'ed in killing of Hawaii Police Officer

BOLO-Suspect Identified in killing of Hawaii Police Officer