Surprising Facts About Police Dogs

Dogs and humans have been working together for thousands of years and police dogs, or K9 officers in particular, have been used in law enforcement for centuries. They perform a range of duties and services that some humans cannot. Few … Continued

Stress Management Tips for Police Officers

Stress is everywhere and everyone struggles with it. The way in which it manifests and how a person utilizes stress management techniques all depends on the lifestyle of the individual. Although everyone deals with high stress at times, it is … Continued

Fourth of July PTSD Issues for Cops

Many police officers have served time in the military, and many military veterans suffer from PTSD. Fourth of July PTSD is a common concern for many police officers. Although the 4th of July is about celebrating, grilling, and shooting off … Continued

Hero Cop Comforts Toddler

  A small business robbed; a school vandalized: a family disconnected from a fatal crash…these may all sound like shocking stories to citizens, but for some cops, these are normal everyday experiences. For the hero cops that comfort us in … Continued

4 Tips on Police Privacy

 It wasn’t always this way, but being an officer is like living in a glass house, or as they call it, ‘the fishbowl’. Given current events, new cops need to be taught about privacy on the job.   Things are … Continued

Summer Teen Jobs Cut Down On Violence

  We’ve written about teen violence before, and it’s been proven that teen jobs are one of the most important preventions for reducing violence, especially as the semester draws to a close. Even though school may be out for the … Continued

National Police Week

This week is National Police week, a special time to honor those who have given their lives in the service and protection of others. It is also an opportunity for the community to show their support for all of the … Continued

Warning Signs of Teen Violence

As any law enforcement official will say, it is far better to prevent crime from happening than it is to react to crime once it has occurred. Police officers across the country work to protect their communities from crime, not … Continued