“To all sheepdogs, the Hero911™ Network can save lives, please put the app on your phone, I did.”

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman – Killology Research Group

Would you as a law enforcement officer, on or off duty, like to know if an active school shooting is occurring in your immediate area?

The Hero911 smartphone app primary features:

  • Provides a low key push message for situational awareness to any active shooter incident nationwide so users can refer to appropriate media.
  • Launches an immediate alert to all LEOs providing the user with the address, map and additional information when within 10-15 miles of a reported active shooter.
  • Compliments 911 services.

What is the Hero911™ Network?

The Hero911™ Network is a voluntary, nonprofit foundation of federal, state and local law enforcement officers.

The Hero911™ Network forms a Social Protection Network™ dedicated to reducing law enforcement response time to active school shooting incidents.

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